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Improve Hitting, Fielding and Throwing Skills

Walbeck Baseball Academy (WBA) trains and conditions aspiring All-Stars ages 5 and up to achieve athletic merit in the sport of baseball. Through private instruction, group training, and competitive teams, WBA combines physical and mental aspects of the sport to initiate well-rounded players who aspire to reach their full potential.

Founded by former Major League Catcher, Coach, and Minor League Championship Manager, Matt Walbeck, who set his sights on playing Major League Baseball as a child and never stopped believing in his dream until it finally became a reality.

WBA offers a variety of training options for every skill level from beginning players learning the fundamentals of baseball, to varsity players preparing for their life’s calling and college players conditioning for their big break.

President and Director of Instruction, Matt Walbeck and his WBA Certified Managers andInstructors are committed to helping young baseball players shape and develop their abilities with a unique coaching style that will vastly improve proficiency in baseball after just one private lesson.